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20 years in the Video Multimedia Business. Member of the Society of Camera Operators SOC. Experienced in Broadcasting, Travel, Theatre, Entertainment, Corporate, Reality TV. Full post-production video services.


P.O. Box 8883

Atlanta, Ga. 31106

M: 404-432-8786


“Pablo Larrea is one of my most favorite people to work with; an excellent filmmaker, creator and visual artist who will always do his utter best to make the product exquisite, no matter the time, distant or effort it takes. He is the definition of a true professional and will never fail to inspire, excite and encourage the artists he works with. Besides his extensive skills in editing, filming and creating, he is a wonderful, pleasurable and flexible person to work with who will do whatever it takes to make the product as great as possible and on which you can always count to help and support the team. I can therefore say that even though his qualities are unique and one of a kind he is a true team player and I hope to be able to work with him for many, many, many more years!” January 18, 2010

                                                    - Vraja Sundari Keilman, Samadhi Dance Company

“Pablo is well known in his business field and very creative. If you need films, post or other promotional products he is the right person to talk to.”

                                                  - Maxim VlessingConsultant for USA market - Koninklijke ERU

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